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Abilisoft Reef is a web-based event management platform gathers and manages events to provide information about the status of an I.T. infrastructure that is being monitored. This document provides an overview of the Abilisoft Reef event management system and also provides a guide to using the Reef Client, a browser based application that enables a user to interact with and manage events captured by Reef.

What’s New

This section contains release notes. It lists important new features, changes and bug fixes. It is recommended that you read the relevant subsections whenever upgrading Reef.

2.6.5 (calculon.5)


  • This is the first official release of Abilisoft Reef.


During development new versions are referred to with code names, but for final releases a normal version number is used. The table below enables you to cross-reference version codes with version names.

Code name Version
calculon.5 2.6.5