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Reef Client Overview

Reef Landing Pages

Reef will be available on a particular IP address and port known as an endpoint. Your administrator will tell you what endpoint(s) Reef is configured to be available on. This sections describes the landing pages that Reef provides that you can navigate your browser to.

Browser Compatibility

Reef is compatible with most popular browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and I.E. You are strongly advised to use an up-to-date version of a given browser because of security issues and known bugs in older versions of browser software (in particular caching issues in earlier versions of I.E.)

The Reef Client relies on the installation of a suitable Flash® Player. If you have problems loading the Reef Client in your browser, talk to your administrator or refer to the Reef Administration Guide.

Reef Index Page

The reef index page provides links to various Reef pages and also lists the current system status including Reef version information, up-time and other platform details. Authentication is not required to access the Reef index page.


Reef Index Page

Clicking on one of the links will navigate you to the landing pages described in this section.

Logging in

Both the Reef Client and Reef Administration Console require credentials to log in. Talk to your administrator to get an account set up, or refer to the Reef Administration Guide to learn how to do this.

Reef Client

To log in to the Reef Client, click on the Reef Client link, enter a valid username and password and click the Login button.


Reef Client Login


After typing a username, hit enter on the keyboard, this will set focus to the password field. Enter a password and hit enter on the keyboard again, this will log you in.

Reef Debug Client

Reef is shipped with a debug client. Usually you will not use this but should the need arise, Abilisoft support staff may ask you to login to the debug client during the evaluation of a potential issue.

Reef Administration Console

To log in to the Reef Administration Console click on the Reef Administration link, enter a valid username and password and click the Login button.


Reef Administration Console

The Reef Administration Console and its features are discussed in detail in the Reef Administration Guide.